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Safety and Accountability:
The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence’s statement on the allegations against Assemblymember Hernandez

Press release

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is aware of the recent allegations of domestic violence against Assemblymember Roger Hernandez. As the coalition voice representing California’s domestic violence community, we are concerned about these charges, and want to reaffirm the importance of supporting victims and fostering meaningful accountability for people who harm others. Because the case at hand is open and ongoing, we do not have all the facts and cannot presume the nature of the evidence, nor the legal implications thereof. Therefore, the Partnership does not take positions on open or local situations.

In any case, when reports of alleged domestic violence come to public attention, it is imperative that we unequivocally condemn any acts of domestic violence, support survivors and encourage those who harm others to change their behaviors.

Overall, we know that victims face complex and difficult situations when experiencing abuse. They are the experts in their own lives when it comes to ensuring their safety and well-being—both of which are paramount. Therefore, listening to and believing survivors is critically important. There are a number of advocates and programs who are available in local communities to provide assistance to families experiencing domestic violence. Communities can stand behind survivors by supporting these local organizations.

In addition to ensuring victim safety, it is essential that people who harm others are accountable for their behavior. Concerned friends, family members and work colleagues can address this behavior, voice intolerance for abuse and promote the safe and healthy relationships we all deserve. Situations like this alleged case are important opportunities to call in those who may be harming their loved ones by encouraging them to recognize the impact of their behavior, and supporting them in moving forward with the knowledge and skills to foster safe and respectful relationships.

California has long been a leader in promoting policies that address domestic violence. As high profile incidents in the entertainment industry, professional sports and now the California Legislature continue to be highlighted in the media, now is the time to redouble our efforts. Elected representatives play an important role in this issue by modeling leadership when their colleagues may be engaging in domestic violence. We support the thoughtful conversations taking place amongst policy leaders throughout the State, and also call for a broader conversation to occur in order to promote the culture shift needed to prevent and end domestic violence in California.

Join the domestic violence advocacy community in being part of the solution. To learn more about the current conversations on accountability, visit our 2016 Statewide Domestic Violence Conference website.


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