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FVPSA Regulations and COVID


FVPSA Regulations and COVID
We're here to provide resources that support informed decision-making about COVID.

Against a background photo of four masked people talking, there is white text inside a semi-translucent green rectangle: "ENSURING ACCESSIBLE, TRAUMA-INFORMED SERVICES FOR SURVIVORS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC".

During our webinar series Reopening Your Programs Post COVID, the Partnership heard a number of important questions from our members about the ways voluntary participation requirements do or don’t interact with our state public health orders—and what that means for screenings, masking, and quarantine periods. Local organizations have been striving to maintain healthy environments for survivors and employees, often with polar opposite state and federal guidance. We committed to following up with more information, and after speaking with our contacts at both the state and federal levels, we were able to compile materials to support your decision-making.
It is our position in all circumstances that survivors deserve the respect and dignity of conversations that help them make choices and work through any safety needs they have, including the difficult choices of how to be safe from abuse in a public health crisis. Often working with survivors individually can get the results a program is looking for without enforcing baseline mandates. It is correct that service providers retain the right to deny services to someone to preserve the safety of others. It is also correct that services have to be voluntary, not conditioned on the survivor participating in other activities.

+Click here to read more in our 2-page document, which provides federal statute and regulation information.

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