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Statewide Domestic Violence Conference

California Statewide Conference Deepening Our Roots Annual Domestic Violence Gathering June 26-27 2024

Deepening our Roots in Transformation and Liberation
2024 Annual Conference

We are thrilled to share some exciting news! Save the date for the Partnership’s 2024 Annual Conference

June 26th- June 27th 2024

New date: Wednesday, June 26 - Thursday, June 27 2024

Survivors & Students*: $49 | Members: $199 | Non-Members: $299  
*Survivor and Student Members not otherwise associated with an organization or agency
Not a Member? Apply to join our coalition!


Our movement was built on grassroots activism, with people opening their homes to loved ones who were experiencing abuse, coming together to create safe houses and resources for more people, and creating a culture where society recognizes that abuse is unacceptable

We’ve made great progress towards ending domestic violence. This year we’ll be gathering to deepen our roots and revisit the values on which it was created— transformation and liberation. This conference is all about providing the education, skills, knowledge, strategies, and tools we can use to grow.

We’ll be having critical conversations to ask ourselves questions like:

  • To prevent domestic violence, how can we partner with intersectional efforts to build collective power?
  • How can we meet survivors and families where they are?
  • What systemic and policy changes can we make in our community?

We’ll also be discussing questions that have come up since our movement has become an established field:

  • How can we shift power within our efforts to underrepresented voices frame our approach?
  • How are our organizations encouraging, identifying, and supporting emerging leaders?
  • How can we offer support that isn’t dependent upon the survivor leaving or the one who caused harm going to jail?

Join us for two days of inspiring workshops, networking, conversations, and growth. We can’t wait to have you join us in our collective pursuit of transformation and liberation.

We Want to Hear Your Conference Workshop Ideas!

Are you addressing these critical questions in your work to support survivors and prevent domestic violence? If so, we want to hear your workshop ideas.

Sponsor the conference

Sponsors have the opportunity to connect directly with hundreds of advocates, community members, and survivors actively engaged in their communities including survivors and victims of crime. Please email Valarie at for more information about sponsorship opportunities.

Questions? Please contact us at

This conference was supported by funding awarded by State Grant #BW23 26 1577 through the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES).