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"Resources for Supporting Afghan Refugees" with hand waving Afghan flag in corner

Solidarity with Afghanistan
Explore Resources and Get Involved

The Partnership stands in solidarity with those living through the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Our movement knows that people would not leave their homes unless their homes were no longer safe. As refugees seek asylum and safety—especially women and children who face higher rates of violence during conflict and war—we encourage you to get involved using the links below. Let’s come together in Beloved Community to help our neighbors escape violence.    

Against a gradient background with white, red, green, orange, and yellow, black text reads, "CELEBRATING JUNETEENTH". In the center is a black square frame with quotes and text in the center (all the same color): "Juneteenth represents liberation and it belongs to us. It is a constant reminder that Black freedom is predestined, that only we can tell our stories and that there is no freedom, without Black freedom.  —Dannese Mapanda"

Happy Juneteenth!
Resource Page

Juneteenth commemorates the day enslaved Black people heard the news that they had been freed—over two years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Today holds significance for all Americans—not only to celebrate the history of Black leadership to abolish slavery—but also the current, ongoing activism to defy racist systems blocking access to abortion & reproductive health, fair education, and immigration.