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Shifting the Conversation

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Shifting the Conversation

    ​Transforming Our Culture

    Though our culture contains many high-profile incidents that have increased awareness of and influenced public discourse about domestic violence, it still remains a significant problem in California. Public awareness is the first step, but must be followed with persistent action which addresses the needs of the estimated 8,300,000 Californians who will experience physical violence, rape and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetimes (National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, 2010). Since domestic violence has a tremendous impact on our state, addressing root causes that are prevalent throughout our culture is an important means to creating social change.

    Our Work toward Racial Justice – Holding Ourselves Accountable: View our infographic with each Partnership team’s contributions.

    Media Advocacy

    To shift our culture and social norms about domestic violence, we deliberately employ communication strategies which promote safe, healthy and respectful relationships; lift up structural and systemic factors that contribute to domestic violence; and position the issue of domestic violence along with other movements. The Partnership engages in social and traditional and social media advocacy, many times by passing the mic to survivors, families, and communities at the margins. Our analysis of news coverage and ongoing media advocacy ensures accurate and responsible reporting on these issues.

    Influencing Social Change

    As a leader in California’s domestic violence movement, the Partnership equips advocates, Member organizations and allies with tools, messages and campaigns to promote effective solutions. Speaking with a united voice, we shift law-makers’ and other community leaders’ understanding of domestic violence, and welcome them to become champions whose leadership will promote social change and healthy relationships throughout the state.

    Become a Messenger

    You can add your voice to a chorus of institutions, organizations and individuals who believe in the prevention — and eventual end — of domestic violence. Sharing your vision of healthy, respectful relationships within your own communities is crucial to changing the tide. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, share our posts, and become a champion for healthy relationships.

    For full access to media advocacy resources, in addition to one-on-one media assistance and tools for responding to up-to-the-minute topics, join the Partnership as a member.

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