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Improving the Supervision & Retention of Prevention Staff Across CA
Prevention Peer Webinar

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Improving the Supervision & Retention of Prevention Staff Across CA

Thursday, August 6th

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

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In the Prevention Assessment of 2019, preventionists from across the state shared that there were four major challenges impacting staff: not enough funding, not enough time, staff turnover, and lack of prevention training for supervisors.

As part of our Intimate Partner Violence Prevention State Action Plan, we are taking on some specific & strategic efforts that can help improve the experience and success of prevention staff.

For our upcoming PPN Webinar, we invite you to join the discussion and share about your needs. From this conversation, we will be working on developing an action plan to engage those who supervise prevention staff. The direction we take will be based on what you share! So please come prepared to share about your needs:

From how you are currently being supervised, what is working? – What needs to be improved?

Is your supervisor knowledgeable in the areas of violence prevention? – What areas need improvement?

Based on your experience, what leads to prevention staff leaving the work/their organization? – How can we improve staff retention?

If there are questions you’d like us to address, please let us know by completing this survey. Why fill out yet another survey?? Because your work is vital, and prevention can feel isolating and overwhelming. Many times you are the only prevention person in your organizations, and asking for “help” can feel fruitless. The Partnership is here to support you through it all.

Your answers are anonymous and confidential!

In an effort to respect confidentiality, this webinar will not be recorded. Therefore, we hope this creates a safer space for you to participate.



Please fill out this survey!



Alejandra Aguilar, California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

Marcella Maggio, California Partnership to End Domestic Violence


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