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Alejandra Aguilar
Statewide Prevention Program Specialist

Profile | Alejandra Aguilar, gender pronouns: she/her/hers, Mexico-United Statian, and formerly undocumented, is Program Specialist at the Partnership, leading the statewide prevention efforts. Alejandra brings over 19 years of diverse experience working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, fully committed to the improvement of #PreventionAcrossCA! And while now it is very clear that this is what Alejandra was born to do, she did not always know that this work was for her. In 1999, while attending the University of Utah in Salt Lake City as a pre-med student, she found herself connecting with others who had also experienced DV in their homes as children. As a result, she left the pre-med program to complete a B.S. in Psychology, with a focus on Child Development. Hired to serve as one of the university’s Lab Coordinators in 2000, Alejandra provided resources and support to Hispanic and Latino DV survivors who opened up about their experiences, fears, and barriers. As Alejandra puts it, “I realized that I was born to do this work. I had experienced first-hand the horrors of DV and through my work and advocacy would be able to do something about it.”

In 2007, Alejandra completed her Master’s in Counseling at the University of San Diego, going on to work as a school counselor supporting teens who in many cases were living unhealthy relationships and/or had been sexually assaulted. In addition to providing intervention services, Alejandra developed culturally responsive parent education programs, resources for Spanish speaking individuals, and continued learning about the need for further prevention efforts. In 2014 she joined Center for Community Solutions (CCS), a dual DV and SA organization in San Diego, first as their Bilingual Prevention Coordinator and shortly thereafter as the Prevention, Education, and Advocacy Services Director. While at CCS, Alejandra oversaw the development and implementation of strengths-based, community-responsive, and culturally humble prevention, education, and community engagement programs for youth and adults.

Alejandra’s passion for the prevention of intimate partner violence and sexual assault focuses around an intersectional approach, understanding the relationship between abuse and oppression and the need for service providers to acknowledge the diversity of lived experiences, recognizing that there is no “one size fits all” strategy for prevention.