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Seeking Participants for the Partnership’s Aspiring White Allyship Group and Its Advisory Committee


Most often, Black, Native & Indigenous, and people of color are speaking up about inequitable policies and practices in organizations. For white folks, sitting back is no longer an option. The Aspiring White Allyship group is developing a project that has come out of the DV field’s inconsistent response to Black people being killed by law enforcement and the failure to respond to the needs of Black, Native & Indigenous, and other staff of color.

If you are an aspiring white ally, we’re seeking your participation in addressing the inequities that staff of color face, while holding yourself accountable to challenge white supremacy within the field. To hold the White Allyship Group accountable, we invite Black women, Native & Indigenous women, Latinas, Asian & Pacific Islander women, and other women of color to participate in the Advisory Committee. We’re looking forward to your participation! Sign up below.

➜ Sign up for the Aspiring White Allyship Group

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For more information, please contact Alejandra Aguilar at