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Tell Governor Brown that You Support Tax Donations to the California Domestic Violence Fund
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Sign our petition and ask Governor Brown to support AB 1399. If signed into law, this bill will help increase funding for domestic violence programs to serve more survivors and focus on prevention and innovative projects. This can be one important piece of the puzzle in one day creating a California free from domestic violence.


Every day, domestic violence programs struggle to meet the needs of domestic violence survivors, their children, and communities, with limited financial resources at their disposal. On just one day, domestic violence programs in California provided services to over 5,700 adults and children, but on the same day over 1,216 requests for services went unmet due to lack of resources.[i] 

Throughout a year, the numbers are only more staggering: In FY 2013-2014, domestic violence programs in California provided 602,579 bednights for victims and their children and answered 135,074 hotline calls.[ii]
Domestic violence programs rely on a wide range of funding sources to support their programs, including government grants, foundations, corporate donations, and individual donations. Allowing individuals to easily donate to the California Domestic Violence Fund through their individual tax filing will encourage Californians to support these essential programs and fund lifesaving services.

For these reasons, I ask you to support AB 1399 (Baker).

Thank you,

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[i] National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). (2015 March). Domestic Violence Counts 2014: A 24-hour census of domestic violence shelters and services across the United States. Washington, DC.
[ii] California Office of Emergency Services. Statistics available at: