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Standing in Action: Practicing Aspiring Allyship with Accountability to the Margins of the Margins

Capacity building event

Date: Apr 20, 2021

Time: 01:00 PM – 90 Minutes

Price: Free, available only to Partnership members and their staff

Allyship is not a title that can be claimed in isolation; it is earned on a daily basis. Join us to critically think about power and privilege. Where do we have potential allyship power? How can we use it for collective liberation? How do we remain accountable? How do we intentionally use it to engage male identified folx to end violence against ALL women and girls? This is a conversation for all of us! We will specifically challenge white folx and the habits of white supremacy. We will also invite BIPOC communities to take allyship actions to secure our collective liberation. Come with us to become a co-conspirator in action!


A Call to Men Team
A Call to Men is working in collaboration with the Partnership on offering to our members a series of Racial & Gender Justice Critical Conversations for Critical Action Series


Please contact Michell Franklin,


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