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Youth Leadership

Blog post

The Partnership is committed to youth development and youth leadership. Youth and young adults play particularly vital roles in dating abuse prevention as active participants in the creation of their own health and well-being, and as current and future organizers, leaders and parents. 

Youth leaders have participated in planning, implementing and evaluating a variety of Partnership policy, systems change, communications, capacity-building and network-building activities.

Youth leadership in the DELTA FOCUS project is facilitated in three primary ways: 

  1. Leadership Team members solicit input from youth and bring that input into Leadership Team conversations; 
  2. Leadership Team members and Partnership members alert the Partnership to opportunities for youth engagement and youth leadership; and,
  3. The Partnership periodically convenes youth who are engaged in local dating abuse prevention efforts to provide input to shape the project and to plan and implement specific components.

Youth leadership partners

Alameda County Youth Relationship Alliance/Alameda County Department of Public Health
Alliance for Community Transformations/Ethos Youth Center 
California Department of Public Health

GSA Network 
Peace Over Violence
Youth Radio 
Additional Partnership members