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Are You Ready to Take the CROS?
A few questions to help guide you


We encourage organizational leadership teams to explore these questions, which will help determine how your organization might prepare for and leverage the CROS experience.

1. How would you describe the stability of your organization?

  • Stable – We have solid leadership/program teams that have been in place for a while and demonstrate respect for each other and the communities we serve.
  • Stable Enough – We have had some changes in the past few years but things are calming down.
  • Transitioning – There is much movement at the moment (i.e. programming, funding, leadership, etc.)

2. How would you describe your organizational culture of assessment and feedback?

  • Often – Whenever there is an occasion to do so, we for the most part do so.
  • Sometimes – In some areas we do this more frequently and consistently than others.
  • Rarely – It is situational and not consistently practiced.

3. The CROS is a process. It’s not just about taking the CROS but also the sense making of findings and action steps. Do you have the time, emotional space and talent to

  • Get the organization ready to take the CROS?
  • Engage in sense making with the findings including issues/challenges that might surface?
  • Address the implications from the CROS in terms of planning and next steps?

4. Has your organization ever completed an organizational survey/assessment in the past?

  • If yes, what learnings from the last experience should be applied to a successful CROS?
  • If no, to what do you think your organization might need to pay particular attention to make sure the CROS is successful?