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2021-22 Annual Report


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Cultivating Love & Health in Our Movement and Communities

In 2021 and 22, we had to lean on one another in the midst of erupting violence and inequities against survivors, communities, and our movement. Read about our impacts in four key areas:

  • Prioritizing learning, wellness and organizational equity among advocates & preventionists in the field
  • Centering survivors’ needs and amplifying their voices
  • Addressing systemic oppression through cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Shifting attitudes and beliefs to value prevention

This holiday season, make a gift that supports our work to cultivate love and health in our movement and communities.

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Donate to Your Local Domestic Violence Organization

The Partnership supports partnership!

We’re a coalition for a reason — teamwork is crucial to this movement. This is why we also want to show our support for our Members. Use our searchable map to find your local domestic violence organization and consider supporting their work as well.