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Webinar – Nurturing our mind, hearts, and bodies


Date: Sep 05, 2023

Time: 01:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Price: Free for members and their staff; $35/Non-members

As we stand firmly by survivors and victims of domestic violence, we become a part of their stories of courage and resilience. We bring our healing energy to the table, but let’s not forget that offering ourselves the same compassion can be just as life-changing. We get it – the stories we hear, the emotions we carry, and the expectations we face can sometimes leave a mark. These challenging times put our strength to the test, often leading to emotions like anxiety, sadness, and even physical discomfort. But guess what? We’re equipped with the power to overcome and thrive, just like the survivors we support. In this exciting session, we’re diving into how stress and tough experiences affect our minds, bodies, and hearts. We’ll unlock the secrets of self-compassion, mindfulness, and emotional strength – stuff that can really make a difference. By taking care of ourselves, we can make a significant impact on those we assist. Let’s embark on a journey towards healing together.


Jorge Vidal
Jorge Vidal (he/him) is a cultural strategist and social justice practitioner/ally. Born in Peru, Jorge is a strong advocate for elevating BIQTPOC leadership and centering the work of cultural organizations. Jorge is an international leader who has provided training and technical assistance throughout the United States and worked with social justice leaders in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru, and Dominican Republic. Within the domestic violence and HIV/AIDS movement, Jorge serves as a race equity consultant, masculinity advisor, and trauma expert. Jorge has done this work with universities and Major and Minor League baseball teams. Jorge values deep connections and fights to reignite the heart-to-heart connection that has historical fueled the fight for liberation. He holds a master’s in social work from Fordham University.




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