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Bill Chart – 2023


This bill chart includes all the legislative bills currently being tracked by the Partnership’s policy team. If there is no position noted, the Partnership has not yet taken a position on the bill. For more information on any bill including bill text and committee analyses, click on the bill number. This chart is organized by subject area. If you have questions on a specific bill on the chart, questions about a bill that isn’t on the chart, please email

Please note: We will continue to update this chart throughout the 2023-2024 legislative session.


Bill Number Author Subject Position Current Location
Child Welfare
SB 47 Roth Child Abuse or neglect reports   Introduced
Criminal & Alternatives to Criminalization
AB 56 Lackey Restitution: noneconomic losses   Introduced
AB 88 Sanchez Criminal procedure: victims’ rights   Introduced
AB 229 Patterson, Joe Violent felonies   Introduced
SB 14 Grove Violent felonies: serious felonies: human trafficking   Sen. Public Safety
SB 86 Seyarto Crime victims: resource center   Introduced
SB 89 Ochoa Bogh Crimes: stalking   Introduced
Economic Justice
AB 243 Alanis Child abduction survivors: address confidentiality program   Introduced
SB 59 Skinner Menstrual Product Accessibility Act   Introduced
Family Law
SB 21 Umberg Civil actions: remote proceedings: continuances and postponements   Sen. Judiciary
SB 22 Umberg Courts: remote proceedings   Sen. Judiciary
AB 29 Gabriel Firearms: California Do Not Sell List   Introduced
AB 12 Haney Tenancy: security deposits   Introduced
SB 16 Smallwood-Cuevas Civil rights: discrimination: enforcement   Sen. Judiciary
AB 4 Arambula Covered California: expansion   Introduced
AB 81 Ramos Indian children: custody proceedings   Introduced
AB 232 Aguiar-Curry Temporary practice allowances   Introduced
Reproductive Health 
AB 90 Petrie-Norris Family PACT Program: contraceptive device program   Introduced
SB 36 Skinner Out-of-state criminal charges: prosecution related to abortion and gender-affirming care   Introduced
Spot Bill
AB 10 Lowenthal Pupil instruction: body-shaming   Introduced
AB 28 Gabriel Firearms: gun violence protection tax   Introduced
AB 36 Gabriel Domestic violence protective orders: possession of a firearm   Introduced
AB 44 Ramos Peace officers: tribal police   Introduced
AB 49 Soria Affordable housing   Introduced
AB 60 Bryan Restorative justice program   Introduced
AB 86 Jones-Sawyer Homelessness: lead entity   Introduced
SB 7 Blakespear Homelessness   Introduced
SB 8 Blakespear Firearms   Introduced