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Bill Chart – 2022


This bill chart includes all the legislative bills currently being tracked by the Partnership’s policy team. If there is no position noted, the Partnership has not yet taken a position on the bill. For more information on any bill including bill text and committee analyses, click on the bill number. This chart is organized by subject area. If you have questions on a specific bill on the chart, questions about a bill that isn’t on the chart, please email

Bill Number Author Subject Position Current Location
AB 2683 Gabriel Postsecondary education: sexual violence and harassment: training and resources Monitor Governor’s Desk
AB 2520 Gabriel Department of Justice: Office of Access to Justice Support Governor’s Desk
Criminal & Alternatives to the Criminal Legal System
AB 547 McCarty Domestic violence: victim’s rights Support Sen. Floor
AB 2085 Holden Crimes: mandated reporters   Governor’s Desk
AB 2169 Gipson Criminal procedure Monitor Governor’s Desk
AB 2185 Weber, A. Forensic examinations: domestic violence   Governor’s Desk
AB 2274 Rubio, B.  Mandated reporters: statute of limitations Monitor Governor’s Desk
SB 300 Cortese Crimes: murder: punishment Support Asm. Floor
SB 863 Min Domestic violence: death review teams Support Asm. Floor
Economic Justice
AB 1041 Wicks Leave Support Governor’s Desk
AB 1726 Aguiar-Curry Address confidentiality program Sponsor Governor’s Desk
AB 2277 Reyes CalWORKs: victims of abuse Support Governor’s Desk
AB 2300 Kalra CalWORKs and CalFresh: work requirements Support Governor’s Desk
AB 2517 Bonta, M. California Coordinated Neighborhood and Community Services Grant Monitor Sen. Floor
AB 2872 Weber, A. Domestic violence: victims: address confidentiality Monitor  Governor’s Desk
SB 299 Leyva Victim compensation: use of force by a law enforcement officer Support Asm. Floor
SB 951 Durazo Unemployment insurance: contribution rates: disability insurance: paid family leave: weekly benefit amount Support Governor’s Desk
SB 975 Min Debt: coerced debts: right of action Sponsor  Asm. Floor
SB 993 Skinner Victims and persons erroneously convicted Support Asm. Floor
SB 1083 Skinner CalWORKs: pregnancy and homeless assistance Support Asm. Floor
Family Law
AB 2369 Salas Domestic Violence Prevention Act: attorney’s fees and costs Support Sen. Floor
AB 2391 Cunningham Civil actions: vexatious litigants Monitor Signed into Law
AB 2791 Bloom Sheriffs: service of process and notices Support Sen. Floor
SB 616 Rubio Piqui’s Law Support Dead
SB 935 Min Domestic violence: protective orders  Support Signed into Law
SB 1182 Eggman Family Law Support Governor’s Desk
AB 1594 Ting Firearms: civil suits Monitor Signed into Law
AB 2137 Maienschein Family justice centers Monitor  Signed into Law
AB 2551 McCarty Firearms   Signed into Law
Health Care
AB 2320 Garcia, C. Reproductive health care pilot program Support Governor’s Desk
Housing & Homelessness
SB 914  Rubio Homeless domestic violence survivors and data systems: local and state support and guidelines Sponsor Governor’s Desk
SB 1017 Eggman Leases: termination of tenancy: abuse or violence Sponsor Governor’s Desk
AB 937 Carrillo Immigration enforcement Support Sen. Floor
SB 836 Wiener Evidence: immigration status Support Signed into Law
AB 1712 Medina Public postsecondary education: campus climate: sexual misconduct: workgroup: survey   Governor’s Desk
AB 2777 Wicks Sexual assault: statute of limitations Support Governor’s Desk
AJR 23 Boerner Horvath Title IX: 50th Anniversary Support Chaptered
SCR 92 Leyva The Equal Rights Amendment: the California Law Revision Commission: study    Engrossing and Enrolling
SCR 118 Ochoa Bogh Domestic Violence Awareness Month Sponsor Engrossing and Enrolling
AB 2598 Weber, A. Pupil rights: restorative justice practices Monitor Sen. Floor
SCR 65 Rubio Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month Sponsor Chaptered
AB 984 Rivas, L.  Vehicle identification and registration: alternative devices Neutral Sen. Floor