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Bill Chart – 2023


This bill chart includes all the legislative bills currently being tracked by the Partnership’s policy team. If there is no position noted, the Partnership has not yet taken a position on the bill. For more information on any bill including bill text and committee analyses, click on the bill number. This chart is organized by subject area. If you have questions on a specific bill on the chart, questions about a bill that isn’t on the chart, please email

Please note: We will continue to update this chart throughout the 2023-2024 legislative session.


Bill Number Author Subject Position Current Location
Child Welfare
AB 391 Jones-Sawyer Child abuse and neglect: nonmandated reporters   Signed into Law
SB 47 Roth Child abuse or neglect reports   Two Year Bill 
Criminal & Alternatives to Criminalization
AB 60 Bryan Restorative justice program Support Signed into Law
AB 304 Holden Domestic violence: probation   Vetoed
AB 479 Rubio, B. Alternative domestic violence program   Signed into Law
AB 806 Maienschein Criminal procedure: crimes in multiple jurisdictions Monitor Signed into Law
AB 1028 McKinnor Reporting of crimes: mandated reporters Co-sponsor Held in Sen. Approps.
SB 89 Ochoa Bogh Crimes: stalking Monitor Two Year Bill
SB 290 Min Domestic violence documentation: victim access Support Signed Into Law
SB 603 Rubio Children’s advocacy centers: recordings Monitor Signed into Law
SB 690 Rubio Domestic violence – statute of limitations   Two Year Bill
Economic Justice
AB 518 Wicks Paid family leave Support Inactive
AB 524 Wicks Discrimination: family caregiver status Support Vetoed
AB 575 Papan Paid family leave Support Vetoed
AB 1082 Kalra Authority to remove vehicles Support Two Year Bill
AB 1187 Quirk-Silva California Victim Compensation Board: reimbursement for personal or technological safety devices or services Monitor Signed into Law
SB 260 Menjivar CalWORKs: supportive services Support Held in Asm. Approps  Committee
SB 616 Gonzalez Paid sick days: accrual and use Support Signed into Law
Family Law
AB 432 Fong, Mike California Court Interpreter Workforce Pilot Program Monitor Two Year Bill 
AB 467 Gabriel Domestic violence: restraining orders Support Signed into Law
AB 933 Aguiar-Curry Privileged communications: incident of sexual assault, harassment or discrimination Support Signed into Law
AB 1019 Pellerin Reunification therapy camps: private youth transport companies Monitor Two Year Bill
SB 21 Umberg Civil actions: remote proceedings: continuances and postponements Monitor Two Year Bill 
SB 22 Umberg Courts: remote proceedings Monitor Two Year Bill 
SB 331 Rubio, S.  Child custody: child abuse and safety Monitor Signed into Law
SB 404 Wahab Prohibiting underage, unauthorized marriages Monitor Held in Committee
SB 459 Rubio Domestic violence: restraining orders Support Signed into Law
SB 599 Caballero Visitation rights Support Signed into Law
SB 741 Min Domestic violence restraining orders: prehearing discovery   Signed into Law
AB 28 Gabriel Firearms and ammunition: excise tax Support Signed into Law
AB 818 Petrie-Norris Protective orders   Signed into Law
SB 2 Portantino Firearms   Signed into Law
Funding & Program Requirements
AB 590 Hart State-funded assistance grants and contracts: advance payments Support Signed into Law
AB 619 Fong, Vince State government: emergency services: nonprofit service providers Support Held in Sen. Approps. 
AB 696 Lowenthal Civil actions: partnerships and incorporated associations Support Held in Sen. Approps. 
AB 860 Valencia Public contracts: nonprofits  Support Held in Sen. Approps. 
AB 885 Rivas Public contracts: nonprofit organizations Support Two Year Bill 
SB 336 Umberg State grant programs: negotiated cost rate agreements Support Inactive
SB 557 Limon California Prompt Payment Act Support Vetoed
Housing & Homelessness
AB 12 Haney Tenancy: security deposits   Signed into Law
AB 799 Rivas, L. Homeless housing, Assistance, and Prevention program: Homelessness Accountability Act Monitor Inactive
AB 1215 Carrillo, W. Pets Assistance With Support Grant Program: homeless shelters: domestic violence shelters: pets Support Vetoed
AB 1418 McKinnor Tenancy: local regulations: contact with law enforcement or criminal convictions Support Signed into Law
SB 567 Durazo Termination of tenancy: no-fault just causes: gross rental rate increases   Signed into Law
AB 44 Ramos California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System: tribal police Support Signed
AB 81 Ramos Indian children: custody proceedings Monitor Inactive
AB 273 Ramos Foster care: missing children and nonminor dependents Support Vetoed
AB 1574 Waldron Murdered or missing indigenous persons   Two Year Bill
SB 350 Ashby Pupil attendance: excused absences Support Signed into Law
SB 428 Blakespear Temporary restraining orders and protective orders: employee harassment Monitor Signed into Law
AB 5 Zbur The Safe and Supportive Schools Act   Signed into Law
AB 1071 Hoover Comprehensive teen dating violence prevention education Monitor Signed into Law
SCR 90 Rubio National Domestic Violence Awareness Month Sponsor Asm. Desk
SR 13 Rubio Relative to Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month Sponsor Adopted
Reproductive Justice
SB 345 Skinner Health care services: legally protected health care activities Support Signed into Law