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June 5, 2018: Your Budget Advocacy is Working!
Urgent Action Needed


We’re in the home stretch. However, we still need your help reminding Governor Brown about our request in the next week as negotiations move to the Conference Committee which works to reconcile the Governor’s, Assembly and Senate draft budgets. 

We need you (and your contacts) to contact the Governor’s office immediately.

Governor Brown – (916) 445-2841

And ask for the following:

  • To include $50 million in ongoing funding to address both sexual violence and domestic violence. 
  • This funding needs to address a range of housing and services for both sexual violence and domestic violence.
  • Fund should focus on strengthening the safety net (beyond crisis shelters), meet DV/SV survivors in their communities, and include cost-effective prevention strategies 

Calls and social media posts from you and your contacts work! 

Please help us continue this forward momentum by making a quick call to the Governor’s office to support this important budget ask, and by forwarding this petition to your contacts. 

We are so, so close–help us cross that finish line! 

With deep gratitude, 
–CALCASA and the Partnership