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Policy Priorities


Policy Priorities

We have been instrumental in the passage, enactment, implementation and enforcement of strong, comprehensive legislation and public policies that address a range of domestic violence issues. Through our Policy Committees, advocates have an integral role in ensuring that our policy work meets the needs of survivors, communities and organizations across California. Our priorities include both legislative solutions and systems change efforts to strengthen prevention and intervention responses to domestic violence.

2018 Priorities:

  • Along with our partners at the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, we requested $50 million in the state budget to end sexual and domestic violence in California: The Partnership diligently focused on this priority in 2018, advocating for needed investments in prevention, comprehensive wrap-around services, and research and innovation. | JUNE 13 UPDATE: Your advocacy worked! Read our statement on the exciting result of our statewide budget campaign. Advocates, legislators, social justice partners, and everyday Californians worked hard to make this happen. We are incredibly grateful for your support, and encourage you to continue engaging with the movements to end sexual and domestic violence.

2017 Priorities:

The Partnership, together with its membership, identified the following priorities for 2017. Read about our legislative victories and progress.

State Budget

  • Funding to Address the Needs of Survivors: Supporting Governor Brown’s recommendation to maintain full funding of domestic violence programs at $20.6 million. | Update – Statewide funding stayed consistent at $20.6 million 
  • Equal Access Funds and Legal Services for Domestic Violence Survivors: Supporting a $30 million increase to the Equal Access Fund to broaden the availability of legal advocacy to low income Californians and survivors. | Update – Funding Increase: The final budget included a $10 million increase in Equal Access Funds as well as a 25% set aside from future class action lawsuit residual funds to support the Equal Access Fund.

Federal Budget

  • Full funding for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA). | Ongoing Advocacy

Key Human Rights Issues Impacting Survivors of Domestic Violence

  • Improving Our Safety Net Response to Domestic Violence Survivors: Co-sponsoring  AB 557, which updates California law to ensure that all eligible survivors receive CalWORKs waivers and that any program requirements interfering with a survivor’s safety are considered for a waiver. Read the fact sheet for AB 557. | Update: Signed into law
  • Increasing Safety for Immigrant Survivors: Supporting the California Values Act, which separates federal immigration enforcement from local law enforcement efforts—thereby decreasing fear of deportation among immigrant survivors when reporting harm they have experienced. | Update: Signed into law
  • Preventing Future Violence: Supporting several bills to prevent domestic violence and support our youth in forming healthy relationships, including: 
    • AB 1268 (Reyes) to establish a domestic and sexual violence prevention fund | Update: Held in Senate Appropriations Commitee
    • AB 643 (Frazier) to ensure California youth are educated on the warning signs of domestic violence | Update: Signed into law

Support Our Policy Work

The decisions made in Sacramento and Washington DC directly impact domestic violence survivors and programs. Our ability to advance public policies relies upon private donations and membership dues. If you care about domestic violence and want to make an impact, here’s how you can help ensure our voices are heard by state and federal legislators: 

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