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Strategies, Challenges, and Story Sharing from Rural California: Advocating for School-based Healthy Relationships Policy
Prevention Peer Network

Webinar Audrey DavisAugust 16, 2018

How is policy change like space travel? I’m not sure, but together we can voyage into the unknown and discover the sparsely traveled territory of school policy change.

• Does your prevention program work towards systems change?
• Are you currently, or planning, to work with school sites and districts in your community on policies and practices that support youth and healthy relationships?

Join this webinar to learn more about ways to create positive change and enhance school safety in your community. Audrey Davis will share the ways in which the Alliance for Community Transformations in Mariposa, CA reached out to schools in the community to promote healthy relationships policy change.

Audrey Davis is a Prevention Specialist at Mountain Crisis Services, a program of the Alliance for Community Transformations. She knows next to nothing about outer space science, but that doesn’t stop her from being preoccupied with it. She does however, have over 4 years of knowledge about doing violence prevention work in her remote celestial community.