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Tips and Tools for Youth Leaders
Prevention Peer Network


Author: Breakthrough U.S.

The Partnership and Breakthrough will co-host this webinar to provide tips, tools, and case studies for youth leaders on transforming a culture of gender-based violence (GBV) in their campus/school ecosystems. Using fun videos, analysis frameworks, and interactive discussions, Breakthrough will address the following:

  • How can culture or social norm change prevent GBV?
  • A framework for performing an analysis of norms and practices that drive harm and levers for transforming them
  • A nuanced view of intersectionality and why it matters: leveraging our sites of oppression, power, and privilege to drive change
  • Case studies of youth leaders making their communities safer and more inclusive for/with their peers
  • Helpful tips on engaging men (who often perceive GBV as “not their issue”)
  • Exploring what resources you have at your disposal to drive change in your community
  • Leveraging Breakthrough’s Action Hotline to create safe schools, healthy relationships, and a culture of consent

Video Links:

BreakthroughU Culture Change 101 Video link

BreakthroughU Gender Norms 101 Video Link:

BreakthroughU Intersectionality 101 Video Link:

Cash’s #BathroomRevolution Video Link: 

Engaging Men: Will & Bill Video Link:

Resource Links:

BreakthroughU Toolkit:

Breakthrough’s Campus Organizing Guide:

Cash’s #BathroomRevolution Recipe Guide:

Engaging Men Resource Links:

Breakthrough Contact Information:

Phoebe Schreiner, U.S. Country Director:

Savannah Badalich, Program Manager: