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Blue Skies Listening Tour Summary Report

Publication California Partnership to End Domestic Violence and InnerSpark AssociatesSeptember 1, 2016

The Blue Skies Listening Tour was an opportunity for Partnership staff to truly listen to California communities, without imposing their own opinions or attempting to shape the conversations.

The name Blue Skies Listening Tour was meant to offer an imaginary backdrop on which participants could develop ideas about how to more fully and effectively address domestic violence in their own communities. The blue sky was an invitation to innovate without restrictions—without the need to consider the expectations of governments, funders, traditions, history, or habit.

Altogether, the Tour visited eleven locations throughout California. Sixty percent (35 out of 58) of California’s fifty-eight counties (60%) were represented. Two hundred and eighty one (281) people participated, and one hundred and forty nine (149) organizations were represented.

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