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Domestic Violence Funding


Advocating for Domestic Violence Funding

The Partnership is working hard to:

Ensure state funding for local domestic violence services

State funding is an essential component of program budgets and must be grown so that organizations can meet their communities’ needs for victim services. The Partnership works to ensure that state funding, including allocations from the state General fund, support critically-needed funding for shelters and essential domestic violence services across the state. 

Now more than ever, we are poised to turn the tide on sexual and domestic violence in our state. Alongside our partners at the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA), we are requesting $50 million in new state funds to:

  • Invest in community-based prevention strategies,
  • Build upon existing emergency services with holistic survivor support, and
  • Explore emerging practices to make justice and healing the most meaningful and effective for survivors

Learn more and get involved today!

Increase federal support for domestic violence victims

Together with other coalitions and national organizations, the Partnership analyzes federal funding proposals and advocates to ensure they address the needs of programs serving domestic violence victims. Key areas of federal funding advocacy include, but are not limited to: the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, the Victims of Crime Act, and the Violence Against Women Act. You can find more information about federal funding for domestic violence and programs here.