HHS LGBTQ Accessibility Policy Training in Coordination with FVPSA:
Culturally Competent Ways to Improve DV/IPA for LGBTQ Victim/Survivors Webinar


Presented by Terra Slavin, Domestic Violence Lead Attorney and Mary Case, Program Coordinator, at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, this webinar will provide FVPSA grantees with the tools to implement the LGBTQ Accessibility Policy required by all ACF Programs. In three individual webinars, Terra presents the information shared with a structured emphasis designed to target each FVPSA Administrators, Coalitions and Resource Centers and Tribal Organizations. The webinars will present case studies allowing participants to model and practice culturally competent client interaction and specific implementation ideas addressing the following policy components:

i.    Overview of existing laws

ii.   Policy recommendations for increasing access and reducing disparities for LGBTQ survivors

iii.  Collecting sexual orientation and gender identity data and best practices for collecting data at the state and local level

iv.  Overview of the distinctiveness of each sector of the LGBTQ population with an overarching approach to domestic violence services throughout the lifespan for the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of LGBTQ communities

v.   Development and implementation of effective anti-harassment policies

vi.  Creating and developing welcoming, safe and affirming spaces for LGBTQ survivors of all races, ethnicities, cultures and ages

vii. Establishing effective partnerships with local, State, and Federal providers, especially with those agencies serving the LGBTQ Populations

FVPSA Administrators
The first webinar of the training series was specifically for FVPSA administrators responsible for providing oversight to grantees and enforcing FVPSA policies. The webinar was designed to assist FVPSA administrators in their efforts to implement new LGBTQ Accessibility policies and to ensure they are equipped to handle the types of technical assistance and training they will need to provide to grantees.
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Coalitions and Resource Centers Resources

This webinar is geared to take one of the many steps to make sure that programs are accessible for all victims of domestic violence. As noted by Senior Program Specialist with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Ken Noyes, the information shared is geared to implement accessibility policies to better serve communities within the violence against women framework. Marylouise Kelley, Prevention and Services Division Director, also noted that the webinar intends to help provide support with some of the struggles DV programs across the country may be having in understanding the complexities associated with identifying and serving LGBTQ individuals.

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Tribal Organizations Resources
This webinar is presented with an emphasis on cultural awareness and understanding of Two Spirit/LGBTQ communities and how Tribes and Tribal Organizations can better serve these communities. As explained by presenter Terra Slavin, the term Two Spirit is used by some indigenous/Native Americans to describe their experience of being LGBTQ; an individual who has a hold of two spirit worlds. This term is an English translation of a concept present in some Native American cultures that an individual can express or exist in, both masculine and feminine realms. Below is the link to the Two Spirit PPT from the webinar with detailed information on the topic.

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