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Domestic Violence Awareness Month Sharing Session
Prevention Peer Network

Webinar California Partnership to End Domestic ViolenceJuly 18, 2019

Like many of our members, we’ve been planning Domestic Violence Awareness Month all summer! During our next Prevention Peer Webinar, we invite you to share your plans for community engagement in October and discuss past strategies that have proven to be effective. The Partnership will also present the elements of our statewide campaign: Growing the Seeds of Healing & Justice. We hope to provide a platform for survivors across California to share the future they want to see by centering their input in eight different areas:

  • Accountability
  • Economic Equity
  • Gender Justice
  • Racial Justice/Decolonization
  • Disability Justice
  • Embracing Sexual Orientation
  • Faith-Based Support
  • The Future

Survivors’ quotes will be visually represented in an infographic of a cherry blossom tree, blooming from flowering branches that emerge from the eight root areas listed above. While our full campaign will debut in August, we’re excited to share central themes, customizable infographic tools, and answer questions.


Jessica Merrill is the Communications Manager at the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (the Partnership). Her goal is to create a rich, engaging dialogue across California to increase knowledge of domestic violence as a public health crisis–and to promote comprehensive solutions that everyone can participate in. By providing communications tools to the Partnership’s member programs and all Californians, she works to shift social norms that contribute to domestic violence through social and traditional media advocacy.


Campaign Tools:

Please help spread the word about our survivor survey, and also consider customizing your own!

DVAM Survey



The following tools will allow organizations to add quotes from survivors in their communities.

Editable Social Media Template

Since last week’s webinar, this has been updated to allow for larger text (easier to read on mobile):


Some may find it easier to edit these images using PowerPoint. Simply create a text box and add a quote, then save the document as an image or PDF.

Editable Infographic

You can use the same strategy as above. Create a text box, add a quote, and save the document as an image or PDF:



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