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Prevention Peer Network Webinar: Collective Accountability in Prevention


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Collective Accountability in Prevention

June 17th | 10:30 a.m. to noon

Free and open to all! 


“Leading others is a privilege with great responsibility.”

As we prepare to launch our new Communities of Practice for Supervisors and another one for Human Resources, it’s important that we remain centered on our purpose: Challenge the way in which white supremacy, power, and privilege, show up in our work. How does this impact or shape our policies & practices, the way we supervise staff, and who and how we collaborate with others? How can folks in positions of power be held accountable?

All of this brings us back to the principles of violence prevention (abuse of power is violence): healthy relationships, assertive communication, consent, collaboration, equality & respect. Join us and hear from folks in positions of power who are actively working on holding themselves accountable and improving the way in which they share power with others. Share your experience and insight into what is needed to hold directors and managers accountable. How can we be more intentional about power-sharing and collaboration?

The Prevention Peer Network is here to help strengthen our work and help foster change across our field. Join us and help make this happen! (And in case you didn’t hear: $15 Million will be awarded for PREVENTION! That means: MORE JOBS! – So let’s help improve the culture of our work for those who are entering the field!)


Alejandra Aguilar, Statewide Prevention Program Specialist


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