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Youth in the Lead: Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month 2019
Prevention Peer Network

Webinar Prevention Peer NetworkSeptember 20, 2018

Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month is right around the corner! 

In this webinar, we explain how we’re spotlighting the expertise of youth, collecting concrete peer organizing strategies they’ve used to address teen dating violence and promote healthy relationships. We’ll also dive deep into best practices that organizations have used to build connections with the broader community.

  • Our Communications Manager, Jessica created a flyer to print out and hand to youth that programs work with. It has a QR code, so folks can just take a picture of that and be connected to our campaign website. If this is something staff members are emailing to youth, it also includes a hyperlink. The success of our campaign depends upon a robust youth contribution, so we’re really encouraging folks to spread the word! Here’s our campaign page with the form on it—and all other campaign resources:
  • We have added another Orange Day image for Facebook & Instagram on our campaign page—so if people would like to download and share both, here they are: Facebook/Instagram | Twitter
  • For quote templates, it may be easier/more cost-effective for folks to send our Communications Manager, Jessica Merrill, text from youth and their logo, since the font won’t automatically transfer (it would need to be purchased for $28). She is happy to add those items in. Or, if anyone would rather buy the font, please contact Jessica and she can provide more info.
  • Folks should feel free to use our campaign logo (attached)
  • As for youth who are interested in submitting a video to us, Jessica came across this video on YouTube. It’s a different subject area, but Jessica and I were really inspired by the young person’s approach—her confidence, insights, and well-illustrated suggestions (short stories are great). We’d want a shorter video—probably 2-3 minutes answering the same questions that are on the form:
    • How are you promoting heathy relationships & addressing teen dating violence?: 
    • How can adults support you in these efforts? [This can include parents, educators, policymakers, or any other group of adults]