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Tune In & Watch Out: Recognizing & Reshaping Trauma in Media
Prevention Peer Network

Webinar Prevention Peer NetworkJune 20, 2019


Webinar was held on June 20, 2019


While trauma in media is not the leading cause of violence in society, it does contribute substantially by glorifying anger, jealousy, and victim mentality in relationships. Especially to youth, because only 1 in 4 adults talk with them about the messages they consume via song lyrics, movie scenarios, and reality TV. When youth have no knowledge about their rights and resilience, watching trauma can quickly lead to living drama. 

Throughout this webinar, participants will review and critique media clips and soundbites, recognizing the trauma media sells and reshaping the short-term and long-term effects by normalizing conversations with youth about the differences between fantasy and real-life situations. Encourage critical evaluation and offer resources by meeting youth where they are, knowing that resistance may be their first reaction to conversations about trauma in media.

You can view the recording here



Marcella Maggio 

In 2010, Survivor, Preventionist & Speaker, Marcella Maggio started researching the CDC’s ACE study and discovered the link between childhood trauma and physical, social, and emotional problems in adulthood. Driven to help people heal from hurt and reach their highest potential, she shares how to mentor youth and model resilience by being a Trusted Adult. Marcella is an award-winning activist, graduate of Mid-City CAN’s (Community Advocacy Network) Resident Leadership Academy, and currently serves on the Partnership’s (California Partnership to End Domestic Violence) Survivor Advisory Committee.