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Storytelling Builds CommUNITY
Prevention Peer Network

Webinar Prevention Peer Network WebinarJuly 15, 2021
Image is of an open book from which springs a happy octopus, black whale and a variety of trees on the left. There is a smattering of multicolor drops in the sky around a hot air balloon. On the right is a periscope in the foreground, and behind that a small castle. A rainbow springs from the center

This webinar was held on July 15, 2021

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Throughout history, storytelling has been used to teach, to entertain, to express, to advocate, and to organize. It is through the sharing of stories that communities build their identities, pass on traditions, and break generational trauma cycles. For this challenge, storytelling is a powerful way to exchange and address the barriers within the community to build trust, cultivate norms, and generate emotional connections. As the Partnership’s resident Storyteller, Marcella Maggio believes storytelling is a way to rewrite hurts and help others from experiencing them by supporting youth and adults in reframing their stories with a preventive lens. What did they learn from their experiences? Is their story relatable, resourceful, and ready to be told?

Join us this Thursday as we examine the role of storytelling as a tool for community organizing and development. Marcella will share and discuss the storytelling tools she has helped develop and deliver this past year for proactive community building and responding to harm: Story Circles, Interactive Story Platform and Youth Storytelling Project.

Through these projects, Marcella has introduced audiences to the importance of being a Trusted Adult to communities who are struggling to tell their story their way. Learn how to support their identity exploration by inviting them to share their experiences and perspectives through storytelling.


Marcella Maggio, Prevention Coordinator & Storyteller



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