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Getting Creative during COVID-19 – Part 1: The Importance of Self-care and Community-care

Webinar California Partnership to End Domestic ViolenceApril 27, 2020

Webinar hosted on April 27, 2020


As Domestic Violence advocates, we are deemed essential workers and tasked with keeping our clients and our own families safe through the COVID-19 crisis. Some of us already apply principals of trauma-informed care to our work. This is a unique experience of going through an unprecedented trauma and the same time as those we serve. Many of our established self-care and coping skills are limited due to social distancing. This webinar will define and acknowledge the collective trauma and grief we are experiencing, how to find meaning, and learning creative practical approaches rooted in Poly Vagal techniques. Participants will experience nervous system down regulation and will leave will a practical plan to maintain and perhaps enhance their own self and community care plans.


Amanda Gibson is a licensed clinical social worker and an independent professional counselor with 15 years of experience. She treats adults and families in the areas of child welfare, domestic violence, trauma, chronic health, and mental health and wellness. She the Founder and CEO of Counseling Col:lab in Sacramento California. Counseling Col:lab provides a collaborative space where therapists of all different backgrounds come together to serve the Sacramento area. .


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If you have additional questions regarding the webinar, please contact Michell Franklin, Capacity-Building Program Manager