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Enhancing Prevention Programs Through Media Literacy
Prevention Peer Network

Webinar Prevention Peer NetworkSeptember 20, 2018


Webinar was held on December 20, 2018

Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create, and act using media. Many times, prevention programs use media examples to show examples of abuse in relationships or sexual violence, but young people can benefit from more critical media literacy.

During this webinar, participants will gain a deeper knowledge about media literacy and how to empower young people to engage in critical media literacy. Furthermore, participants will gain more knowledge about the role that identity affirmation plays in media literacy. 

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Tonjie Reese

Tonjie is a Detroit native, writer, music lover, change maker, and founder of eleven24. She has uses her passion for prevention to provide training in academic and community settings, organize young people to be activists in their communities, and enhance program delivery by incorporating progressive education methods. Tonjie has held roles as a prevention program director, a community educator, a shelter advocate, and a community initiatives coordinator. She holds a BS in Behavioral Science and a MA in Education, Leadership, and Change. Tonjie is driven by the belief that everyone has a role in violence prevention. “It’s up to us to define what our role will be!”