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Engaging Men and Using Art to Prevent Violence – Prevention Peer Network


Presenters: Ryan Hope Travis, Engaging Men Project Coordinator with Peace Over Violence

Ryan Hope Travis will discuss how art can be used to empower youth leaders and how theater, film and poetry can create conversations around domestic violence prevention and intersecting issues. Ryan will review the devised theater techniques he uses for the Engaging Men Project and other similar works. This webinar will be helpful for those interested in using role-playing and other acting techniques for domestic violence prevention and youth leadership development programming. 

Ryan is a director, filmmaker, actor, teacher and artistic innovator. His body of work spans from regional theater direction and performance to devised theater creation. Ryan serves as the Engaging Men Project Coordinator at Peace Over Violence. As Engaging Men Project Coordinator, Ryan co-directs 10 youth leaders, actors, and poets from South LA. The youth use theater and film to mobilize underserved communities around issues of sexual assault and domestic violence prevention. Additionally, he is the founder and head filmmaker of Progress Pictures and 21 Cents, a film production company dedicated to producing works of art rooted in social commentary.