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Survivor Advisory Committee


The Partnership’s Survivor Advisory Committee
Together, we... THRIVE!

Registration Now Open! Virtual Conference for Survivors, by Survivors – The Survivor’s Experience: Healing from Hurt & Trusting Professionals: June 5th & 6th, 2021

The Partnership’s Survivor Advisory Committee consists of survivors who’ve experienced violence, each dedicated to researching prevention and intervention practices, providing insight and guidance to the Partnership’s programs, advocating for federal funding and policy change from the State of California, and developing/facilitating a one-day conference for survivors, by survivors. The Partnership will advise the Survivor Advisory Committee on a variety of topics including but not limited to policies to identify and serve survivors, prevention and intervention strategies, and training curriculum.

The Committee’s motto is:

Together, we… THRIVE!

Talk it out.

Have an empathetic ear.

Respect boundaries.

Identify conflict resolution. 

Value vulnerability.

Empower each other.

Get to Know the Committee Members!

The Survivor Advisory Committee provides interviews, speaking engagements and workshops about their personal stories and professional services. All workshops are created by survivors, for survivors and will be offered Spring 2021 during a virtual conference: The Survivor’s Experience – Healing from Hurt & Trusting Professionals. 

Get in touch by contacting Marcella Maggio at


Claudia Bolanos

Claudia Bolanos, a resident of Sonoma County for the past 30 years, grew up in Orange County but is originally from El Salvador. She migrated to the United States in the late 70s and is proud of her bilingual and bicultural heritage.

Claudia’s interest in domestic violence stems from her personal experience having survived an 18-year marriage filled with verbal and physical abuse.

After years of therapy and personal growth, Claudia is now committed to sharing her experience with others in hopes of creating awareness, prevention and support. 


Laura Heraldez

Laura Heraldez was born and raised in Kern County, Bakersfield, where she currently resides with her son. Throughout her childhood she experienced sexual assault and trauma, but with time she went from victim to survivor and is now thriving. She believes in women empowering women, and not only works full-time in the community at Bakersfield Mazda, but volunteers for the non-profit organization YWRAP—a mentoring program for young ladies (12-18 years old)—because her passion is speaking and storytelling.


Marcella Maggio

Marcella Maggio is a Survivor & Preventionist for It’s My Life, which promotes Community Engagement with the goal of sparking conversation about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and how having a Trusted Adult is the key to prevention. Since 2008, Marcella has provided mentoring sessions, real talks and workshops about ACEs and ABCs (Awareness-Boundaries-Consent) in relationships to San Diego County communities and has theorized why people hide behind the statement, “It’s my life”.