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HARRT Youth Led Adolescent Relationship Abuse Prevention Model


Haven of Stanislaus County piloted a school-based, youth-led model of adolescent relationship abuse (ARA) prevention at a Modesto high school in the 2014-15 school year. The program was replicated in 2016-17 at a second school and is evolving into a Coalition for the 2017-18 school year. The Healthy And Responsible Relationships Troop Coalition (HARRT Coalition) prepares high school students to serve as advocates and peer educators both on campus and off. Their mission is to raise awareness about ARA and promote healthy relationship behaviors. 

Participants will learn: 
• How the HARRT program was developed 
• How to leverage funding opportunities 
• Strategies for program implementation 
• Challenges and lessons learned 
• Forging and sustaining school/DV agency collaborative partnerships 
• Why youth-led prevention programs matter 


  •          Holly Grace Currie serves as Youth Program Manager at Haven Women’s Center of Stanislaus located in Modesto, California. An outspoken champion for marginalized and underrepresented groups and individuals, she strives to elevate a diversity of youth voices and perspectives in the Central Valley and beyond. Her purpose in life is to nurture wholehearted relationships and hold space for people’s transformational healing, growth and empowerment. In her roles as domestic violence advocate and sexual assault counselor, grassroots organizer, MSW student, non-traditional community educator, spouse and co-parent, Holly Grace brings contagious energy, passion and authenticity to every endeavor. She challenges YOU to feed the fire!
  •          Jayme Jensen is a graduate from James C. Enochs High School where she co-founded HARRT with her fellow peers. She is passionate about helping people and serves as an advocate for healthy relationships. Jayme is going on to study at CSU Stanislaus where she will be majoring in Sociology. She stands for empathy and compassion and sees the importance of finding the good in everything. She is mature, trustworthy and deeply committed to service work which she would like to continue in college and beyond!