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Culturally Specific Collaborative Resources

Resource Mercedes Tune, Capacity Building Program Specialist, California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

This Padlet includes many resources, including but not limited to:

  • Preventing and addressing harm in the workplace 
  • Culturally responsive teaching and culturally sustaining pedagogy
  • Blog post by Women’s Advocates’ Education and Outreach Coordinator Meggie Royer: Racism Compounds Domestic Violence Against Black Women. Acknowledging This Is Not the Same As Denying Violence Against White Women.

These resources have been used by the Culturally Specific Collaborative, which is guided by the following mission:

“The Culturally Specific Collaborative exists as a response to systemic oppression. As agents of change, We reclaim ourselves, our power and identities and support one another to facilitate our collective healing. We shine light on equitable, inclusive practices to embrace transformation. By taking responsibility for the next generations, We honor the sacrifice of those who came before us and the resilience and strength of our communities.”

Are you interested in joining the Culturally Specific Collaborative? Explore our cultural responsiveness page and contact for more information.