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Treceia Bazemore
Events Coordinator (Consultant)


This is a headshot of Treceia | Ms. Bazemore has more than 25 years of experience in conference, meeting and peer review management. She has worked with various Federal agencies including: the Administration for Children and Families’ Family Violence Prevention and Services Program, the Housing and Urban Department’s Fair Housing Initiatives Program, the Department of Education’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Department of Justice’s Violence Against Women Office, National Science Foundation, as well as the Health Resources and Services Administration’s HIV/AIDS Bureau, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Division of Transplantation, Division of Independent Review and Bureau of Primary Healthcare.  She has also worked with social and religious organizations including The Christ Foundation Church, The United Fellowship of Churches, The Women of Color Network, Inc. and many more.

She possesses the operational and technical skills to ensure that all aspects of a project are completed on schedule, within budget, and exceeding client expectations.  She’s very experienced in cultivating and managing vendor retention programs, as well as establishing procedures and processes to obtain new vendors. She has extensive experience in contract negotiating for hotels, and other sites and services.  She is well capable of drafting workplans and budgets for task orders, and supervising project staff in materials preparation and dissemination, travel and logistics arrangement, and the processing of honoraria and reimbursements.  She is fluent in all programs of the Microsoft Office suite and is highly experienced with many database programs. She also has great comprehension for such programs.