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Melissa Guajardo
Administrative Director

Profile | Pronouns: She/her | I have over 20 years experience in non-profit, public health settings. My experience has taught me that my passion for public health can serve a wide range of issues. I love working in small to mid-sized non-profits where I can stay in touch with the on-the-ground work while doing what I do best: support employees, develop and maintain organization-wide policies and procedures, and contributing to the overall strategic direction of the organization.

My Strengths Finder results say that I’m adaptable, relational, intellectual, a learner and consensus builder. To me that means that I am creative and flexible under pressure, I build long standing and deep relationships, I am introspective and like to collect information, I take care in making decisions, including other’s opinions and knowledge, and I love to learn for the sake of learning.  I received her Masters in Public Health from Boston University and loved every minute of it.