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Matthew White
Director, GVRO Project


This is a headshot of Matthew | Matthew White is an advocate for human rights, social justice and the empowerment of marginalized communities. For over a decade, he has trained, organized, facilitated, and coached unions, change organizations, and individuals to bring equity and transformation to their spaces. He was awarded “Distinguished Gentlemen of the Year” in 2022 by Assembly Majority Leader Eloise Gomez Reyes, and he partners regularly with the Q Christian Conference to advocate for LGTB+ visibility. Matthew is the Project Director of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, focusing on community education and awareness for the movement to end violence. Consistent with these life and professional experiences, Matthew is the author of “The Owl Who Didn’t Who” focusing on the power of understanding our “why” and illustrating his lessons learned from empowering others. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and minored in music at the University of La Verne, and attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for his Masters in Arts Administration. He leads with love, dares greatly, and walks in gratitude daily. He and his husband share a home with their bulldog, Bronco.