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Marcella Maggio


Marcella Maggio is a Survivor & Preventionist for It’s My Life, which promotes Community Engagement with the goal of sparking conversation about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and how having a Trusted Adult is the key to prevention. Since 2008, Marcella has provided mentoring sessions, real talks and workshops about ACEs and ABCs (Awareness-Boundaries-Consent) in relationships to San Diego County communities and has theorized why people hide behind the statement, “It’s my life”.

Unsurprisingly, the results have had her identify with those who labeled themselves as “at-risk” or a “victim”. As a survivor of violence, Marcella understood what it felt like to grow up in a household and neighborhood where she felt unseen and unheard. She recognized her former self in their responses, but what she didn’t find was their resilience. Inspired by their words, she learned to become her own Trusted Adult and launched a consulting business joining forces and sharing resources to bring community resilience, starting in her City Heights neighborhood.

Through the Partnership’s Survivor Advisory Committee, Marcella has the honor to give back full circle by sharing personal and professional stories about thriving after victimization and re-victimization, while encouraging other survivors to join in the dialogue and share what resilience means to each of us.

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