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Jobi Wood, South Regional Representative
Program Manager, Family Assistance Program

Headshot of Jobi

Jobi is a Program Manager and a former Domestic Violence Health Advocate for Family Assistance Program located in the San Bernardino County of Southern California. Jobi always aspired to work in the medical field, but soon found out her passion was in helping others transition from traumatic life experiences. The Domestic Violence field felt so natural to Jobi, and she was able to assist victims in their journey to becoming a survivor. Jobi volunteered at Hope House, the emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence owned by Family Assistance Program, for two years before becoming Staff at the agency. Jobi enjoys reading, spending time with her children and family, drinking Dr. Pepper and dancing. When asked the message that Jobi wants to spread to the community she replied, “To the world you are just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” – Unknown.