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Hisham Alibob
Policy & Communications Manager, Contra Costa County Alliance to End Abuse


Hisham Alibob is the Policy & Communications Manager for the Alliance to End Abuse, an initiative to prevent domestic violence and abuse in Contra Costa County. Hisham is, at his core, a violence prevention and public health advocate with experience working for political campaigns, providing direct services in the nonprofit space, as well as handling back-end operations in the government sector. Hisham’s outlook is that health inequities need to be prioritized, and that domestic violence is front and center. He’s currently focused on thoughtfully engaging more men in the prevention of domestic violence, with a specific focus on root causes. Hisham’s prior experience also includes working to prevent gun violence in Oakland, leading discussions with folks in the re-entry population as well as facilitating workshops in a correctional setting.  Currently, Hisham’s a member of several criminal justice reform efforts, not only to think creatively about punishment and recidivism, but to better serve survivors and families.