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Chelcee Thomas, North Regional Representative
Executive Director of Live Violence Free

Headshot of Chelcee

Chelcee has dedicated her career to supporting social and community issues, bringing her passion and leadership across 15 years of experience in both the nonprofit and public sectors. Her journey has taken her through many roles, from direct services to executive leadership. Both professionally and personally, she is committed to empowering individuals and communities, ensuring they have the opportunities and tools to thrive. Chelcee is honored to be in leadership with the staff, board and partners of Live Violence Free in her current role as the Executive Director. She also serves as an adjunct faculty at Lake Tahoe Community College, where she teaches sociology as part of the incarcerated students program. Chelcee’s academic background is in sociology, and she has earned a doctorate degree in public administration. She has experience in collective impact, capacity building, community advocacy, and social research, including leadership in regional coalitions and county commissions.

Chelcee was raised in South Lake Tahoe and has deep roots in the community. Growing up in a single-parent household and within a working-class family, she was instilled with values that emphasized advocacy and community. Chelcee is passionate about social justice advocacy, the intersection of anti-violence and justice issues, and public safety reform. With determination, energy, and optimism, Chelcee remains committed to addressing these critical issues and effecting positive transformation within her community and beyond.