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Prevention Works


Support $15 million in ongoing funding to prevent sexual and domestic violence!

Against a design of purple, blue, and periwinkle triangles, the State of California is shown in semi-translucent white. Next to it, to the right, white text reads, "Support Sexual & Domestic Violence Prevention Funding". In the top right-hand corner, "#PreventionWorks" is shown in white.   At the bottom of the image are the logos for ValorCalifornia (a ValorUS program) and the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. The latest: Governor Newsom’s January Budget Fails to Include Critical Funding for Preventing Sexual & Domestic Violence: VALOR and the Partnership will Continue to Call on Governor Newsom for an Ongoing $15 Million in the Final Budget

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is continuing our collaboration with ValorCalifornia, a program of ValorUS, advocating for $15 million in ongoing prevention funding for sexual and domestic violence.

This year, the state budget included $15 million in funding for domestic and sexual violence, and the budget previously allocated one-time funding for this purpose in the FY 18-19 and FY 19-20 budgets, at $10 million and $5 million respectively. We are deeply grateful for the administration’s support for these funds. However, the one-time nature of the funding means that our state administrator, Cal OES, cannot plan for lengthy grant periods—and community-based organizations cannot commit to the long term work needed to change societal norms and our culture around consent and healthy relationships. Preventing violence and abuse so deeply embedded in our society will take time, and ongoing funding is critical for this work.

See the letter to Governor Gavin Newsom supporting this prevention budget request, signed by over 100 organizations throughout the state.

Supported by a wide range of organizations in the movement to end sexual & domestic violence:

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