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State budget proposal of $50 million to end sexual and domestic violence draws crowd of more than 100 at the Capitol
Group delivers 1,200+ petition signatures to Governor Brown

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State budget proposal of $50 million to end sexual and domestic violence draws crowd of more than 100 at the Capitol

Group delivers 1,200+ petition signatures to Governor Brown

SACRAMENTO — Over 100 advocates and legislators today rallied in front of the Capitol, urging Governor Brown and the legislature to support $50 million in new state funding to prevent sexual and domestic violence and support survivors more comprehensively. In his May Revision, Governor Brown included $10 million toward domestic violence emergency shelter and safe houses as part of his proposal to address homelessness, but did not make needed investments in sexual assault responses and lasting solutions for survivors, families and communities. The final budget agreements between the Governor and legislature must be completed by mid-June.

Leaders of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (the Partnership) and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) explained the significance of this new funding in the midst of the #MeToo movement:

”The Governor has a significant decision before him: in the era of #MeToo, where millions of survivors have shared their stories and urged action at every level, will the state of California invest in prevention to end sexual and domestic violence?” asked CALCASA CEO Sandra Henriquez, who joined the group for legislative meetings after the rally. “The answer must be yes—the time is now for California to send a message that violence is preventable and will be part of the solution through its commitment to prevention.”

“We are grateful the Governor understands how domestic violence contributes to homelessness and sees that additional resources are needed to support victims and their families—however, we stand here today because we know that in order to truly end domestic and sexual violence, we must do more. Our budget proposal—$50 million to address both domestic and sexual violence—actually offers the real solution. The smart, cost-effective way to address [this] is to make a more substantial investment in prevention,” said Partnership Executive Director Kathy Moore (Kathy’s remarks were read by Partnership Communications Manager Jessica Merrill).

Governor Brown’s May Revision shows California in strong fiscal place. Revenue is high, and reserves have been placed in a rainy day fund. For the estimated 5.7 million Californians who experience intimate partner violence yearly, new funding in the state budget would open up additional possibilities for healing, justice and meeting basic needs—including housing assistance and legal advocacy. It would also work to lower that number over time by investing in strategies incorporating known protective factors that prevent sexual and domestic violence: community, organizing, youth leadership, and more.

Budget champions Assemblymember Blanca Rubio and Senator Jim Beall rallied support of the $50 million budget proposal.

Referring to the projected surplus of [over] 8 billion from the May Revision, Assemblymember Rubio said, “In a state like ours, with as much money as we have, $50 million is budget dust.”

“Every day in California about 1,000 service requests from survivors of domestic violence go unmet because of a lack of funding for emergency shelters and services.” said Senator Jim Beall “Today, we seek $50 million additional dollars for important prevention and intervention programs that work. But ultimately this issue is not about the money – it’s about our sense of morality and what we must do stop an epidemic of violence that strikes all social classes, rich or poor.’’

Today’s rally was part of a series of activities for Policy Advocacy Day, sponsored by Mary Kay Inc. Throughout the day, advocates and Mary Kay Representatives met with legislators in support of the budget request.

Speaking to the crowd, Speaker Anthony Rendon explained the need for the three components of the budget package.

“The #MeToo movement has led us into a critical time—a time when we are seeking to overhaul the culture here in the Capitol and across the country…we have to take a multi-pronged approach—a holistic approach. Prevention: prevention to maximize ways to stop abuse from happening in the first place. Response: response is to make sure survivors get the resources they need to help them and their families move forward. Accountability: accountability to build on the best practices of restorative justice and transformative justice to bring about real and meaningful change.”

Assemblymember Shirley Weber expressed her commitment to ending sexual and domestic violence and the need to continue our work.

“It’s been over 40 years and we’re still talking about it, still strategizing around it,” said Assemblymember Weber. “We have to rise up and be stronger than before.” 

Following the rally, leaders from CALCASA and the Partnership delivered over 1,200 petition signatures to the office of the Governor. The Partnership and CALCASA will continue to collect more signatures until June 1st, making another delivery to Governor Brown that month.

About the Partnership

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (the Partnership) is California’s recognized domestic violence coalition, representing over 1,000 survivors, advocates, organizations and allied individuals across the state. Working at the local, state and national levels for nearly 40 years, the Partnership has a long track record of successfully passing over 200 pieces of legislation on behalf of domestic violence victims and their children. The Partnership believes that by sharing expertise, advocates and legislators can end domestic violence. Through our public policy, communications and capacity building programs, we create system-wide change that supports survivors and invests in prevention. Every day we inspire, inform and connect all those concerned with this issue, because together we’re stronger. With offices in Sacramento, the Partnership’s member programs span the entire state. For more information, visit


CALCASA is the only statewide organization in California whose sole purpose is to promote public policy, advocacy, training and technical assistance on the issue of sexual assault. CALCASA convenes statewide and national training conferences and its primary membership is composed of the 84 rape crisis centers and rape prevention programs in California. For more information, visit

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