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Joint Legislative Budget Plan Includes Essential Funding for Crime Victim Services

Press release


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Grace Glaser, Public Affairs & Policy Manager:, (916) 446-2520 x323 

Jessica Merrill, Associate Director of Strategic Communications;, (916) 444-7163 x118

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SACRAMENTO, CA – In response to the Joint Legislative Budget Plan’s inclusion of $103 million in ongoing funding for victims’ services programs, Krista Colón with the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, a member of the California VOCA Advocacy Alliance, released the following statement:

“We are advocates representing victims and survivors of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual violence, elder abuse, and human trafficking, as well as providers of legal, housing, and other assistance. We represent over 200 organizations providing essential services that hundreds of thousands of California victims and survivors depend on each year.

We applaud the inclusion of $103 million in ongoing funding for victims’ services programs in the Joint Legislative Budget Plan. Year after year, this funding will sustain programs that serve victims and survivors at the most difficult moments of their lives. It is a result of the steadfast efforts of hundreds of advocates and survivors over the past year, and the leadership of Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes, with support from over half of the Assembly [link updated 6/11] and numerous Senators.  

This funding will prevent catastrophic reductions to services that survivors rely on and ensure stability in years to come. These funds provide a needed level of certainty that, when survivors call a crisis hotline, there will be an advocate on the other end to answer; that survivors will be able to access shelter when they must flee from or lose their housing; that sexual assault survivors will have the support of an advocate during a forensic medical exam; that survivors will be able to access counseling without lengthy waitlists; and so much more. 

While budget times are certainly tough in California, we are grateful to state leadership for appreciating how essential these services are, and for their willingness to direct state dollars to enable them to continue. 

Now, we are expecting that Governor Newsom will take the necessary next step and sign off on this critical funding. The people of California expect that the Governor will stand by his commitment to maintain the core services that so many of us depend on. We look forward to working with the Governor’s staff in the coming weeks to keep this promise.”


The California VOCA Advocacy Alliance consists of statewide organizations dedicated to supporting survivors of crime, advocates, and their communities. Our large coalition works to advance the rights of survivors of trafficking, child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, and others. With a common goal to advocate for our communities, we center equitable access to victim services in our decisions.