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California Partnership to End Domestic Violence Statement on opening of Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Agency

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Jessica Merrill, Communications & Development Manager: | (916) 444-7163, x118

California Partnership to End Domestic Violence Statement on opening of Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Agency

SACRAMENTO — In response to the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) agency opening its doors, California Partnership to End Domestic Violence Executive Director Kathy Moore issued this statement:

“VOICE uses a misguided approach that will not support victim healing, nor make our communities safer. Instead, it will unethically target immigrants, who research has confirmed are less likely to carry out crimes than people born in this country. VOICE will also create unnecessarily redundant ‘victim services’. To provide the most effective and essential support for victims of domestic violence, the administration must invest in existing community-based services. Located throughout California and the nation, these provide trauma-informed assistance to anyone in crisis—regardless of immigration status. They guide the healing process victims and their families with services including crisis hotlines, legal aid and emergency shelter.

VOICE does not address the needs of a large and important group of people: undocumented victims of domestic violence. We are profoundly concerned by evidence that many undocumented victims remain fearful under this administration. Throughout the state, our Member Programs have revealed decreases in reporting abuse to law enforcement and other support agencies.

Anti-immigrant policies will cause undocumented survivors to continue suffering in silence. We depend upon our elected leaders to open up options for seeking help—and in addition to sensible immigration policies, they must fully fund domestic violence services to accomplish that.

The Partnership will continue to advocate for sound, comprehensive solutions that prevent domestic violence and support victims. VOICE is not one of those solutions.”

About the Partnership

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (the Partnership) is California’s recognized domestic violence coalition, representing over 1,000 advocates, organizations and allied individuals across the state. Working at the local, state and national levels for nearly 40 years, the Partnership has a long track record of successfully passing over 200 pieces of legislation on behalf of domestic violence victims and their children. The Partnership believes that by sharing expertise, advocates and legislators can end domestic violence. Through our public policy, communications and capacity building programs, we create system-wide change that supports survivors and invests in prevention. Every day we inspire, inform and connect all those concerned with this issue, because together we’re stronger. With offices in Sacramento, the Partnership’s member programs span the entire state. For more information, visit

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