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You’re invited! Register for the Partnership’s Annual Membership Meeting + Policy Advocacy Day
A Virtual Series of Events: May 4-5, 2021


Background image of participant attending a virtual event at a computer with "Join the Partnership's (Virtual) Annual Membership Meeting & Policy Advocacy Day" in foreground and "sponsored by" NextGen Policy logo in corner.We invite you to register for our Annual Membership Meeting + Policy Advocacy Day!

This event is FREE for all members and their staff, volunteers, and clients and takes place on May 4-5. 2021 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Still unsure what this event is about, if it is for you, or why you should come? Explore our infographic below to learn why we want YOU there! 

Once you’re convinced, be sure to use the button below to register. We hope to see you there!

PS: view the full infographic and share it with your colleagues here.


Three question mark icons are above "Who Should Attend?". Below is a graphic of interconnected circles of people including several individuals and people at laptops, a family in front of a laptop, a preventionist pointing to a poster with a youth asking a question, a survivor speaking about an emotional issue with an advocate, and a staff member on a support line.

Who Should Attend?

The best ideas come from having EVERYONE AT THE TABLE! We want all staff, advocates, preventionists, volunteers, and folks working in DV organizations/agencies to attend!

We especially encourage survivors, youth, and staff who work directly in their communities to register for Policy Advocacy Day and MAKE THEIR VOICES HEARD!

"Why Should You Attend?" is shown above a graphic of hands placed on a laptop with a cup of coffee on a notebook, a pencil, and a plant on the desk to the left. On the screen are 3 windows of different attendees at home with the pet, with a megaphone in a meeting, and in a breakout room speaking to one another.

Why Should You Attend?

We are not the Partnership without our members, our survivors, and our
communities. OUR EVENTS ARE FOCUSED ON YOU. Whether you want to de-stress after a year filled with challenges, be in community with your fellow peers, and participate in championing your work through policy advocacy — we invite you to attend!

2 hands holding up shining heart with the following text below: "May 4: Annual Membership Meeting Highlights". Three icons are underneath: a presenter on a screen with a presentation and an arrow cursor; multiple people speaking together in a breakout room; and a person holding pizza and cheers-ing a person and their pet, as well as a yoga instructor.

3 Reasons to Register for the Annual Membership Meeting

LEARN ABOUT HOW THE PROGRAMS the Partnership, and our members statewide, have been working on as well as our vision for the year ahead.

BE IN COMMUNITY WITH YOUR PEERS FROM ACROSS THE STATE. Share your strengths and struggles with breakout discussions on the impacts of COVID 19, racial injustice, and other important events of the past year.

Optional events to DECOMPRESS AND CONNECT:

Live Yoga and Meditation classes

Lunch with the new Executive Director, Rev. Aleese Moore-Orbih, DMin.

Happy Hour with the Partnership staff

A fist is holding up justice scales, with "May 5: Policy Advocacy Day Highlights" below. Three icons are underneath: 3 people holding puzzle pieces, gears, and lightbulb (ideas) in the Zoom boxes; a preventionist sharing a testimony to legislators in a Zoom; and an advocate holding up the state of CA with survivors and families inside.

3 Reasons to Register for Policy Advocacy Day

HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE of California’s movement to end domestic violence.

MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD. Share with legislators how programs/
survivors are impacted by COVID, and why NOW is the time to prioritize funding domestic violence programs, especially prevention.

WE’RE PASSING THE MIC TO YOU. Advocate for the needs of survivors, families and communities throughout the state.