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Showing Solidarity with Youth


Resources by Paul Bancroft and Kristy Oriol, Sierra Community House:

In 2016, Paul Bancroft of Sierra Community House posed some vital questions about the intersection of climate change and gender-based violence–and issued a call to action: “What can we do? How can heal our communities as well as the planet? How can our prevention efforts incorporate environmental justice? We need to start with movement-wide dialogue that includes climate change in our many conversations.” Youth have been leading the way, highlighting the urgent need for solutions. Between September 20th and 27th, we have an opportunity to show solidarity AND highlight the intersections in our work. With an increase in the number of wildfires across the state, survivors, families and communities are subject to compounded trauma when also experiencing & responding to domestic violence. In strategic followership, we plan on attending the Youth Strike for Climate Sacramento on September 20th at the Capitol. The international campaign offers many ideas for organizations to get involved, including participating in marches, rallies, and raising awareness on social media. If you’re getting involved in any of these actions, tag the Partnership so we can share it on our platforms!