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Request for Quote (RFQ): 2019 Conference AV Services


The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (Partnership) is soliciting proposals from qualified Audio Visual firms to provide services for our upcoming conference, Shifting the Lens, being hosted in Los Angeles, from Sunday March 10th – Thursday, March 14th. The Partnership’s Request for Quote (RFQ), which includes instructions for its completion, can be found here.

Completed proposals should be submitted submitted no later than 2/1 by 5:00 pm, PST. The vendor best qualified per the criteria outlined in Section II and III of the RFQ will be awarded the contract by February 8th, with work beginning soon after.

Questions & Answers:

Q: In the breakout rooms:  Will the presenters be controlling content from the lectern?  

A: Yes, presenters will control their own presentation (which will be on their own laptops).

Q: In the past how many techs have been in each of the rooms? 

A: In the past we have had 1 technician for every 2 breakout rooms. We have Partnership staff in every breakout, who will contact technicians if needs arise during sessions.

Q: Will the technicians have adequate meal breaks?

A: Yes, there should be sufficient downtime for technicians to take meal breaks, and technicians are welcome to the buffet lunch provided to attendees

Q: In the general sessions:  How many technicians are needed? Will contact be at the lectern or the tech table?

A: Two technicians should be sufficient for the general session. Content will be at the tech table.

Q: How much time is there for the breakdown of the gear after the end of the event?

A: Please quote the job on the assumption that breakdown will need to be completed by Tuesday evening. Breakout rooms will be clear by 12:30pm, and general session should end at 3:30pm. If possible (based on venue availability) we will extend to Wednesday afternoon.

Q: Who is the Hotel contact if case we need meeting room information that is not on the printed form?

A: This information will be released to the selected vendor.