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Passing the Mic to Youth
One young person's story


If you work with youth in your organization, share this story with them and have a discussion. What were some of the healthy and unhealthy behaviors here?

“After 3 years, I came to the realization of the unhealthy tendencies my relationship had picked up over the years. I found my partner had become increasingly dependent: sending texts round the clock and needing to hangout almost everyday. I struggled to find balance, meaning seeing each other became something more to dread than to enjoy. Entering my Junior year of high school I wanted to get involved by undertake more clubs and projects than previous years. During this time I started tutoring on a regular basis, and quickly came to realize how much more dependent my partner had grown. This dependency made me feel as though I had no ability to chase the activities that were important to me. He started to lack his own identity and made me feel guilty for spending time away from him. He lacked the same desires and ambition I had—graduating high school, going to college, having a career. I explained to him the unhealthy issues that were driving me away. I told him that our desires didn’t line up anymore, but he promised to graduate high school if I gave us another chance. He lied about completing make up classes, and ended up not graduating. After that, it was over. The breakup was hard, but we left each other with mutual respect. He finally understood how his actions made me feel, and that our aspirations didn’t line up. We both wanted happiness; we both loved each other deeply, but both of us had different ways of expressing love that eventually grew us apart.”