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June 3, 2019 Action Alert: Contact Your Legislators to Support Prevention Funding
Prevention Works to End Sexual & Domestic Violence


It’s crunch time in the state budget process, and we need to get key legislators’ attention about our request: $50 million in ongoing funding to prevent sexual and domestic violence. We have a very tight timeline, so please make calls as soon as possible!
Sample Script:
My name is [your name] and I am from [organization/city]. I am calling to support $50 million in ongoing prevention funding to end domestic and sexual violence in California. This budget request is being championed by Senator Beall and Assemblymember Rubio. I urge you to ensure this funding is included in the final budget. Thank you for investing in prevention and supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
We also encourage you to Tweet in support of the prevention ask and tag your legislators! Create an original tweet about the importance of prevention funding. This can include a short video appeal, an image and/or a link to you work.
Please make sure this sentence and these tags are included in the Tweet: @YourLegislator @SenToniAtkins, @Rendon63rd, & @GavinNewsom, please support $50m in ongoing funding to prevent sexual & domestic violence! #PreventionWorks #CABudget
Click here for legislator contact information and Twitter handles!
You can help make prevention funding in California a reality and together we can work to end domestic and sexual violence in California!