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December 7th Action Alert: Urge Congress to Pass Critically-Needed VOCA Funding and Legislative Fix


On the left of the image is a semi-transparent photo of the U.S. Capitol, with white text and a phone icon in the center against a purple background: Action Alert! Call your representatives: (202) 224-3121. In black underneath, text reads, "Tell them not to cut $1.1 billion from victim service grants." An element of the Partnership's logo, interwoven hands in purple and gray, is shown in the upper right-hand corner.

Sample Script:

My name is [your name], and I’m calling from [your city/state and, if applicable, your organization] to urge you to continue to include the House VOCA level of $2.5 billion for the FY 21 budget and a legislative fix to stabilize this critical fund. The Senate’s current low allocation for VOCA would result in an estimated $112 million cut to CA, drastically hampering our state’s ability to meet the needs of survivors and we need the House to fund VOCA at the higher level. [In our organization, VOCA funds essential services including... (provide examples).]

The low amount in the Senate bill is directly due to a significant decrease in deposits to the Crime Victim Fund. The Senate failed to include an urgently needed legislative fix to increase deposits into the fund. The House has included this fix in its COVID relief bills, which is urgently needed. The final version of the federal funding bills must include this fix to ensure long-term funding for essential services for survivors. Can we count on [Member of Congress’ name] to support the higher FY21 allocation and the needed legislative fix?